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Turn Your Home Into A Healthy One

You can make a difference! It's nearly impossible to get rid of the unhealthy outside influences of fast food, candy bars, greasy chips, or Coca Cola, so you have to make a stand at home. By creating a healthy home environment, it is easy to manage your weight - and your children's - naturally.

Every family is different...

We all have different lifestyles, work schedules, exercise habits and food preferences. Some of us eat most of our meals in restaurants and others would rather cook at home. The one thing we have in common is that we want to lose weight and learn healthy habits for a lifetime.

The Have a Healthy Home Program provides customized nutritional counseling in your own home. A Registered Dietitian will visit your home and after taking an inventory of your kitchen, will provide a full "kitchen makeover." The program is designed to fit your family's personal needs, eating preferences and lifestyle.

Services include:

  • Pantry, Cabinet, Refrigerator and Freezer "Makeovers"
  • Meal Plans
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack ideas
  • Healthy Cooking Techniques
  • New Recipes
  • Favorite Recipe Makeovers
  • Supermarket Tours
  • Meal Delivery (if desired)
Mindy Podolsky Owens, MS RD

Registered Dietitian
Masters Degree in Nutrition
Family Nutrition and Weight Management Specialist
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For appointments or more info:
office: 310.454.8004
email: mindy@haveahealthyhome.com

The Have A Healthy Home Program


The Have A Healthy Home program is an innovative approach to managing your family's weight and achieving an overall feeling of good health. It is NOT a diet. There are no special foods to eat and best of all no foods are eliminated or "banned." 


This program does not count calories or points.  In fact, there are no formulas, gimmicks, or “plans” -- just sound information on how you can use your food choices to manage your weight and protect your health... for life!


Find out how to become more health-conscious, achieve a desired weight, and live a healthy lifestyle. Take a supermarket tour to make the most of your shopping selections. Learn how to read food labels and understand the Food Guide Pyramid to guide your food choices. Learn the principles of balance, variety and moderation, and how to incorporate them into an overall healthy lifestyle. Learn healthy ingredient substitutions and still enjoy your favorite dishes. Discover quick, easy, nutritious (and delicious!) recipes that will surprise your friends and family.


The Have A Healthy Home program is an individualized nutrition counseling service for anyone who desires nutritional guidance for themselves and their family.

Schedule an appointment today for us to come and makeover your home so you can protect your family's health, manage weight, and achieve an overall feeling of good health... for life!






Send me an email today to schedule your home visit!

Schedule a visit to your home and get started on Having A Healthy Home -- today!